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About Us

Waha Montessori has been proudly providing Montessori bilingual immersion education and unique extracurricular activities since 2003. We combine unique programs and experienced teachers with your child's natural curiosity to inspire a lifelong interest in learning!


Every child is unique.
At Waha, we celebrate your child's unique learning methods!

We believe in a child-centered environment - no two children are the same, and we provide a variety of differentiated learning methods so that each child can explore their environment as an individual.

Waha focuses on integrating all our subject areas into a well rounded curriculum - math, English, art, science, cultural studies and more are all provided in both Mandarin and English.

These classes are augmented with our skilled teachers providing additional support and instruction through music, physical activity, visual aids and hands-on avenues. We also deeply emphasize learning and exploring the natural world with access to Waha's diverse gardens, as well as observing the life cycle of animals and insects.


Academics are only half the equation!
We offer unique extracurricular activities and supplementary enrichment options.

Waha Montessori provides daily extra-curricular activities and physical activity through both free play and structured activities. Students have the opportunity to participate in safe and educational cooking, music, singing and sports classes - and can even take to the stage to show their achievements with celebratory shows!

Supplementary enrichment options are also provided by professional instructors. These extremely popular classes can range from chess, to ballet, to basketball, to drawing, to yoga and more!

We also recognize the value of non-structured, non academic pursuits, and will work with your child on developing strong social skills and manners through continuous positive encouragement.

We can't wait to see you and your child at Waha Montessori - come schedule a tour today!

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